Image of stamp reading 'You are sick' resulting from a diagnostic test

Diagnostic Test Ordering: 4 Questions to Ask

Giving a blood sample, sliding into a scanner, even lying on the stainless steel bed of an x-ray machine — A diagnostic test, while not anyone’s idea of fun, is not that big a deal, right? Those of us in the medical biz are well aware of the risk of harm associated with surgery or other procedures and the expected and unexpected adverse effects of medicines. We tend to forget, though, that diagnostic tests can also cause harm. It’s not the test itself, that is risky, it’s the results — and what we do with them — that can do… Read more »

Medical Research Papers: Translation Needed

Medical Research Papers: Translation Needed

I used to have the “bedside stack.” This pile of journals that I planned to read was always topped by. . . the latest Stephen King novel.

Now my e-mail in-box is filled with “online first” and “table of contents” announcements from numerous journals.

The problem with reading journal articles is obvious: they are hard to read. They seem to be written in English, but not in a language I use day to day.…Read More »