Professor Dave Slawson – Information Mastery – We are not in Kansas anymore…

David Slawson, MD recently did the first “across the pond” podcast with three pharmacists from the UK as part of the second series of their highly successful “The Aural Apothecary” . All three fondly reminisced at having attended a live Information Mastery workshop in the past that they strongly felt “transformed” their entire world view. They even pulled out and proudly displayed their original CD and class handouts from the course! Dr. Slawson discussed some micro thoughts on the recent paper he and Dr. Shaughnessy published in BMJ EBM entitled “Reducing Overuse By Recognizing the Unintended Harm of Good Intentions“. As per The Aural Apothecary’s standard protocol, Dr. Slawson also discussed his most influential/Desert Island drug (betamethasone), a song from the past that strongly influenced his life’s journey (Guantanamara covered by The Sand Pipers), and a recent book of similar influence (The Righteous Mind, Jonathan Haidt). Dr. Shaughnessy was unable to be on the same podcast but will be sharing his thoughts, as well as favorite drug, song and book in a future podcast.

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